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Ya talentless hack!
if you don't have an innate talent for writing, no amount of writing degrees will help you. if you don't have an innate talent for programming, no amount of programming degrees will help you. there's some shit you just gotta be born with. too many knobs and knobettes go to uni thinking they're actually gonna get good at shit for which they ain't got no aptitude. lel.

think about it - if you've never enjoyed crafting beautifully written sentences, and if you've never sat down and simply wrote, just because you do it well, then how the fuck are you going to just up and learn the art of writing by doing a university degree? i mean, would you do an engineering degree if you know for a fact that you don't have a mechanical aptitude and hate numbers?

now, don't get it twisted - there's nothing wrong with not being good at writing, or anything else, for that matter. my point is that too many people believe universities to be some crazy-ass magical oracle factories, where some complete dumb cunt can walk in, stay for three years, and then emerge as some super-genius. wrong, my droogies. if you hate numbers, stay the fuck away from engineering. if you don't have a natural ability when it comes to the written word, that Master of Writing ain't gonna help you. you may pass the coursework, but you'll still be a mediocre-ass writer, because you just ain't got that shit au naturel.

stick to what you do well, droogies. and for fuck's sake, don't study web development. that shit is for the lowest form of life on Earth - hipsters.


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