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Front Line Assembly - Echogenetic (album review)
Each new Front Line Assembly release provides a snapshot of all the freshest sounds and rhythms in the electro-industrial genre at a particular time in its evolution. I am completely certain that Trent Reznor grabs a notepad and listens with bated breath to each new FLA opus in an attempt to remain relevant and appealing in the ever-evolving soundscape of modern industrial music. Echogenetic is no exception; this record is, in a word, phenomenal.

Ever the innovator, Leeb doesn't shy away from introducing tasty tidbits of heavy dubstep to the traditional FLA sound. The dubstep elements mesh seamlessly into the dark aural assault of Echogenetic and serve to embellish it by adding an extra bass dimension to the songs. Leeb effortlessly weaves an intricate and ground-breaking sonic web of extremely well-polished tracks that pack a punch and leave a mark. The only thing missing from Echogenetic that would make it absolutely unbeatable are some well-placed guitar riffs.

The album kicks off with Resonance, a brooding and evocative piece with huge atmospheres, echoing beats and haunting industrial vibe. Killing Grounds is the standout track in my opinion; this pulsating powerhouse unleashes a crushing wall of electronics accentuated by a simple yet tremendously effective old school bass line and a hammering, bass-heavy beat. The energetic club thump makes Exhale a surefire dance floor filler that is both poignant and catchy. Echogenetic has an even mix of slow and fast tracks which arms the album with a magnetic forward momentum.

Echogenetic is a mind-blowing amalgamation of the most relevant and prolific sounds in the electro-industrial underground as it currently stands, and is another blazing 11-track testament to the Leebinator's innovative genius that knows no bounds. Dark, mature and powerful, this record is an absolute must-have for FLA fans old and new.



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