The anticipation of death is far worse than death itself

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munching on the big succulent dick of the system
skeeter, the man! dropping off the grid like ain't nothin but a thang.

the dude is literally my hero. what i wouldn't give to drop off the grid at will, entirely, making al sapone and living like tyler fucking durden. but alas, the system that imprisons us will not allow such heresy to take place. if i'm off the grid, i'm not keeping the banks plump, not feeding the coffers of the energy companies, not paying taxes that line the pockets of corrupt cops and self-entitled politicians who spend $400 a day on food on their overseas trips... really not good for the system, losing another obedient drone.

but hey, instead of just accepting fate like a bitch, why not move towards your goals, bit by bit? no matter how outlandish the said goals, you can chip away at them, one day at a time - and with time, you might just get what you wished for.

i'm not an anarchist, but as i grow older, i observe the system in more detail each day, and i have to say that it's got us by the balls. a very well-engineered, well-oiled machine - an extremely profitable one. kudos to the big dicks who feed off our hard work. you know the drill - school (cash for system), uni (cash for system), job (cash for system), house, wife, kids, tv, cars (cash for system). the big dicks use fear to get us to comply and to buy - because if you don't, you just don't fit in, you see, you don't live up.

march the fuck on, kids :)


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