The anticipation of death is far worse than death itself

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It's the return of the... oh wait, no way. You're kidding.
and so, after a long leave of absence, the monstrous LJ entity known as bombcat has now returned to this pathetic online community to pen more drivel for a plethora of unknown readers.

let's cut the bullshit and get straight to it, shall we? the first item on the agenda is a gripe about triple j top 100 and the big day out. the only thing that rivals the utter shittiness of these two phenomena is gillar's fucking flood levy. fuck that shit right in its green ass. but back to the gripe. having perused the triple j hottest 100 "songs", i've come to the conclusion that the australian music "industry" is in fact in much deeper and smellier shit than i had previously thought.

whilst i admit that i've never been a fan of australian mainstream-ish alternative "music", there is an undeniable shittiness about the whole top 100 list. fun fact - that god farken awful duck sauce song called barbara streisand has made it to NUMBER 15. simply put, that track is easily the most unlistenable garbage ever to hit radiowaves anywhere. it's the musical equivalent of that dude sitting on a glass jar and having it break inside his butt. triple j listeners, however, have deemed it worthy of the number 15 spot. i don't know whether to laugh or to cry.

the rest of the top 100 list isn't much better than duck sauce's monstrosity. it's permeated with utter hipster shit of galactic proportions. it's a shite state of affairs, tommy. i close my eyes and try to imagine the type of dickhead who actually enjoys anything on that list, and i simply weep for humanity.

now let us take a look at this year's big day out. before i examine this here festival, let's just say i haven't been to a bdo since 2001 - and for good reason. from 2002 onwards, the lineups have gotten progressively shittier, making me wonder how the fest stays in business. the answer to that is simple - if the triple j top 100 list is anything to go by, the logical conclusion is that your average aussie enjoys a vast array of incredibly shitty music, thereby ensuring bdo's success each year.

rammstein are back, only 10 years later, to headline the bdo again - the only redeeming quality of the shithouse fest this year. bdo used to be quite a heavy affair, with lots of grunge, metal and decent alt-rock acts. bdo 2011's lineup, on the other hand, is the reflection of the current shitty state of the music industry as a whole - 80% of the lineup is comprised of terrible indie and emo "acts". it's fucking disgusting. soundwave isn't shaping up much better either - emo and scenecore shit dominates the lineup. welcome to the death of some of the best festivals straya has ever known!

enjoy your heatstroke, bdo kids.


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